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Fedcap 2016 Celebration of Work Gala

On Monday, November 28th Fedcap will hold its Annual Celebration of Work Gala at Gotham Hall in Manhattan. Our Gala celebrates the courage and accomplishments of our consumers, and the groundbreaking work of our speakers and special guests. 

This year promises to be very special. Our theme is perseverance in the face of extraordinary hardship. Joining us will be three remarkable individuals who will share their stories.  They are –  

  • Maniusia (Miriam) Adler will share her extraordinary story of survival in Auschwitz, as told by her granddaughter, acclaimed author Yael Mermelstein, in her book I Promise You. Ms. Adler rarely speaks in public – this promises to be an unforgettable event.
  • Steve Hickman served 19 years in prison. Given a second chance, Mr. Hickman is currently employed as a Senior Supervisor for Wildcat, where he manages work crews with over 160 people. He is a valued member of the community, serving as a mentor to others involved in the justice system.
  • Niki Semnack struggled for over a decade with drug addiction and homelessness. Today she is strong, sober and gainfully employed, a proud mother, mentor, and an inspiring figure to all who know her.

These powerful, true stories of tragedy, perseverance and redemption have deep resonance for the Fedcap community, where our work every day helps people break through barriers to economic well-being. We are deeply honored to host these amazing individuals at our Celebration of Work Gala.

This year we are asking our guests to sponsor the stories of our speakers.  Your generous support will have a significant impact on the lives of the individuals who we are privileged to serve. Please note the sponsorship levels on the registration link. As a special gift, all attendees will receive a copy of I Promise You, an unforgettable work that “enables adults to see the Holocaust through the eyes of a child who lost everything — but never gave up.”