The Community Impact Institute (CII)

The Community Impact Institute

The opportunities for broad and lasting impact, for driving transformative change arise when we leverage our experiences with those of other research, business and practice communities across the country. Creating this kind of synergy is part of Fedcap’s DNA. It is spearheaded by our Community Impact Institute (CII).

The CII is about many things. It’s about discovery, testing assumptions, research and intellectual rigor. It’s about creating conversations that help people articulate their own and their communities’ needs and challenges. It’s about convening multifaceted dialogues in which experts from different sectors brainstorm creative and actionable ideas to meet those needs and work through those challenges. And it’s about bringing together consumers, thought leaders, practitioners and service providers to design interventions that work locally and are also widely replicable. These beliefs and practices have given rise to a number of innovative programs and products.


Fedcap Solution Series

Bi-annual Solution Series on topics impacting the self sufficiency of individuals with barriers. In the past we have focused on: 

Before and after these events, Fedcap’s CII posts and publishes written and video interviews with thought leaders from government, foundations, business and non-profit sectors.


Metrics that MatterData matters. Data-driven decision making matters more. Metrics That Matter was developed to ensure that the agency builds its strategy, program design and corporate decisions on a platform of knowledge. Metrics That Matter captures information on national trends, program outcomes, human resources, financial stability, community engagement and consumer satisfaction. The report documents impact in the communities we serve and success in creating sustainable change.


NCISIIn 2015 Fedcap established the National Center for Innovation and System Improvement to provide technical assistance and training to government agencies and community-based providers to assist them in improving the outcomes for people with barriers.

The Products and Offerings of the National Center include:

Technical Assistance

  • Transforming Service Delivery Systems—Using Implementation Science, engaging key stakeholders in design, testing, implementation, refinement and sustainability
  • Tested strategies for Employer Engagement in hiring people with barriers
  • Labor Sector Analysis to determine high growth sectors—growth means jobs!
  • Introduction to innovative career exploration strategies such as Connect2Careers™-and Networking By Design™
  • Innovation in Transition Services—technical assistance for schools that desire to  strengthen transition services for students with disabilities leading to college and employment success

Practice Improvement Institute

  • Practice Improvement Institute GuideWebinars providing interactive discussions and in depth training on hot topics such as:
    • Rapid Job Placement
    • Family Engagement
    • Business Engagement
    • Creating a culture of Work
    • School Transition Services
    • Building Career Ladders for people with barriers to integrated employment

Technological Platforms

  • Job Opportunity Board — an online  resource for posting and searching for job opportunities for people with barriers
  • Get Ready!™ — Interactive, web-based work readiness tool—a comprehensive and highly effective approach for helping individuals with barriers become work ready


  • Web-based and onsite courses based on the ACRE competencies resulting in credentials in
    • Job Coaching
    • Job Development

Suite of Assessment and Planning Tools

  • Community Based Provider Gap Analysis and Planning Tool
  • Person Centered Planning Tool
  • Career Planning
  • Functional Capacity Assessment