Fedcap Programs & Services

Youth and Young Adult Services
Fedcap offers a wide array of programs and services to help young people achieve success in education and employment and become happy and self-sufficient adults. Our specific focus areas include youth who have spent time in foster care or are “transitioning out” of other child-welfare and juvenile justice systems; those with physical, developmental or learning disabilities, and any young person “disconnected” from the support they need to move into a successful and self-sufficient adulthood.

Community Impact InstituteCII
The Community Impact Institute (CII) was recently launched as the “discovery” arm of Fedcap with a concentration on field research using community forums, surveys, focus groups, and outreach to local politicians and community leaders to gain insight into the core needs of disenfranchised groups. The CII supports Fedcap’s expanded mission of looking beyond training and job placement by improving the quality of life for the urban communities we serve and where the most vulnerable live and work. 


Mental Health ServicesMentalHealthImage
The Chelton Loft
The Chelton Loft, located in upper Manhattan at East 126th street, is a voluntary clubhouse program for adults with a history of serious mental illness. Members and staff of the Loft work together to create an environment that supports people’s growth and development. 
Fedcap Aspirations
Fedcap Aspirations is located in Farfield, NJ and specializes in serving the unique needs of adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, as well as those with developmental disabilities and psychiatric illnesses.

Vocational Evaluations
Fedcap’s Vocational Rehabilitation Department is home to our Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation, or "DVE" services, where students undergo testing, skills assessment, and career counseling.
Vocational Training
Fedcap offers fully accredited vocational training in the fields of Culinary Arts, Custodial Arts, Data Entry/Digital Imaging, Office Skills, and Job Readiness.


VeteransImageVeterans Programs
More than 177,000 returned veterans from the Afghan and Iraqi war are unemployed. The current economic environment is extremely difficult for individuals who are making major career transitions and perhaps especially for veterans who are entering new professional areas.