Fedcap Aspirations

Fedcap Aspirations is located in West Orange, NJ and specializes in serving the unique needs of adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, as well as those with developmental disabilities and psychiatric illnesses. Our program offers a caring and individually tailored therapeutic environment focusing on wellness and recovery principles designed to help each consumer to enhance their capabilities, perform challenging activities of daily living, and prepare to enter the workforce.

The mission of Fedcap Aspirations is to support, enhance, and encourage emotional growth and development of life skills in order to maximize the ability to function in society. Partial care services are the recommended method of follow-up care upon successful discharge from psychiatric hospitalization to promote reintegration into the community. 

Who We Serve:

Fedcap’s Aspirations welcomes adults over 18 years of age with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. The mode of payment accepted presently is Medicaid
Consumers come to Fedcap Aspirations from hospitals, group homes, and families. We specialize in serving:
• Individuals who have a history of mental illness and psychiatric hospitalizations or those at risk of psychiatric hospitalizations
• Individuals with developmental disabilities and psychiatric illnesses
• Individuals experiencing significant functional limitation in several life facets
• Individuals with mental illnesses who are on probation and Kroll status


• Independent living skills
• Social skills, anger management, conflict resolution skills
• Medication management
• Psychosocial education
• Symptom and behavior management
• Therapeutic recreation
• Group and individual sessions
• Family/caregiver support
• Pre-vocational services
• Daily nutritional lunches are provided

Enrichment Activities:

Creative expression is a vital part of the program. Art and music therapy and various arts and crafts are utilized to enhance communication while promoting a sense of well-being. Therapists can better understand the feelings and emotions of the consumer through the use of artistic mediums. 

Pre-vocational Services:PCMHC03

Fedcap’s Aspirations partial-care mental-health program recognizes the importance of work in the lives of many consumers to provide a purpose, a sense of accomplishment and a source of income for financial independence. Our team of dedicated professionals offers guidance and support to consumers as they pursue their life goals. Fedcap’s pre-vocational services assist consumers in acquiring general work behaviors, attitudes and basic work skills. Our ability to offer workforce activities through Fedcap’s Production Services Division results in greater opportunities for consumer wellness and recovery.


Our staff includes Board Certified Psychiatrist, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LCADC), Trained Mental Health Workers (MHW) in IMR and WRAP services, Graduate student interns and administrative staff.

Fedcap Aspirations
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