Mental Health Services

In fulfillment of our mission is to create opportunities for people with barriers to move toward economic independence as valued and contributing members of society, Fedcap’s mental health programs support, enhance, and encourage emotional growth and development of life skills.

Fedcap Mental Health ImageThe Chelton Loft
The Chelton Loft, located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood on West 19th Street, is a voluntary clubhouse program open to adults with a history of serious mental illness, with or without chemical dependency, and including those with a history of homelessness. Members and staff of the Loft work together to create an environment that supports people’s growth and development 

Fedcap Aspirations
Fedcap Aspirations is a partial care mental health program located in Orange, NJ specializing in serving the unique needs of adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, as well as those with developmental disabilities and psychiatric illnesses.