Community Impact Institute

The Community Impact Institute (CII)
was recently launchedCII Image as the “discovery” arm of Fedcap with a concentration on field research using community forums, surveys, focus groups, and outreach to local politicians and community leaders to gain insight into the core needs of disenfranchised groups. The CII supports Fedcap’s expanded mission of looking beyond training and job placement by improving the quality of life for the urban communities we serve and where the most vulnerable live and work.

Launched in late 2009, the CII is already responsible for Fedcap’s emerging initiatives to serve Veterans and Bronx residents, and adolescents leaving the foster care system.

Grants are crucial to the work of the CII. Less than a year after its creation the CII helped Fedcap win two significant grants to work with veterans in New York City.

CII Image 2The first is a planning and development grant of $50,000. It is being funded through the AmeriCorps initiative, with the New York State Commission on National and Community Services. Fedcap will be working in partnership with the New York Office of Children and Family Services to begin innovative research on the specific issues affecting returning veterans and their families who reside in the South Bronx, a civilian area with no military base or ingrained military culture. Fedcap’s focus will be on employment issues and the needs that are not currently being met.

The second grant is estimated at approximately $75,000 and is funded by the US Department of Labor.  Fedcap will work with another New York nonprofit, Services for the Underserved (SUS), to serve homeless female veterans and their families in New York City. Fedcap’s role will be to provide job coaching and vocational training services to the SUS clients and their families who are participating in this initiative.

Keep an eye on this space for case studies, research reports, and more as we build up the CII in the coming months.