Networking By Design

Networking By Design

Networking is the by far the most effective way to support career development and expand career opportunities is to network. Establishing and maintaining relationships with people provides access to information, opportunities, organizations, and people.

But what happens if you don’t really know how to network, or do not have the opportunity?

Many youth who leave our child serving systems or who come from disenfranchised communities rarely have occasions to learn this Networking by Designimportant skill. For many, their adult relationships have been with human service professionals who are, in the minds of these young people, obligated and paid to be there for them. The natural skill building opportunities that occur when youth who are part of families are introduced to friends and colleagues of their parents, is absent in these young people’s lives. Even school relationships don’t naturally translate into the ability to effectively network. 

Networking by Design™ is Fedcap’s response to this dilemma. A product of the Fedcap Board of Directors, Fedcap Board members engage their colleagues who Networking by Designrepresent diverse professions to attend a Networking By Design event. Youth and young adults come prepared to participate. They have mastered their “30 second elevator pitch”, they have practiced the art of networking conversation, we provide them with business cards and they enter the experience prepared to engage and connect.

Networking By Design™ events have resulted in a growing number of professional relationships between youth and young adults and professionals.