Fedcap Production Services

Fedcap's Production Services Division includes the Industrial Services Department which manufactures electronic products, and the Packaging Services Department, which provides a wide variety of packaging solutions.

Fedcap Industrial Services
Fedcap's Industrial Services Department is centrally located in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. We assemble and manufacture electronics products with a highly-trained and versatile workforce of approximately 20 people with disabilities.

Fedcap’s more than 60 years of experience in electronics assembly and manufacturing makes it an ideal contractor or subcontractor for government and business manufacturing needs. We can take on a wide variety of assembly and manufacturing projects from start to finish.

The Department currently produces life-saving equipment for the United States Military and products for private and public entities including: 

Personal Distress Light Marker


Personal Distress Light Marker  
These pocket-sized, all-purpose markers are carried by military personnel to alert others if they are shot down or separated from their units. The high-intensity light unit can be used on three settings — regular light, which can be seen from 20,000 feet in the air; blue light (cannot be mistaken for gunfire); or infrared light (for concealment from hostile forces). This unit is designed with raised markings indicating polarity, so that the batteries (two regular 1.5-volt AA batteries) can be changed easily in the dark. Fedcap has produced these since 1974, and currently assembles roughly 45,000 per year.


Man Overboard Light Marker


“Man Overboard” Distress Light Marker
Part of the U.S. government’s Safety of Life At Sea program (SOLAS), these floating electric water lights flash for at least 36 hours to help in the event of a sea rescue. Powered by a 6-volt lantern-style battery, the waterproof light is designed to automatically right itself in water and activate a high-intensity xenon strobe flashing 50-70 times per minute. Each light is 13.8 inches X 4.8 inches in size, and weighs 1.9 lbs (3.3 lbs with battery). Fedcap has produced these since 1996 and currently assembles roughly 5,000 per year.


Government Partnerships
Fedcap's Production Services Department has almost 30 years of experience working as a contractor for the federal government through the AbilityOne program. Fedcap also participates in the NYS Preferred Source program

Fedcap Packaging Services
Fedcap Packaging Services Department is centrally located in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.  Our experienced workforce of approximately 70 people with barriers perform hand assembly operations and a wide variety of packaging solutions for various products.

Fedcap Packaging Services include but are not limited to:
Assembling of component parts
Collating, inserting and mailing
Gluing, folding and stapling
Inspection and salvaging
Polybag sealing
Stringing and knoting
Unit-packaging and boxing
Custom Hand Assembly

Contact Fedcap Production Services for an estimate or for more information:
212.727.4359 or jmastrull@fedcap.org.