Document Imaging and Data Capture

Fedcap Office Services provides state-of-the-art document imaging and data capture services at our own production facility as well as at customer sites throughout New York City.

Currently, Fedcap Office Services operates an active Data Entry Center with twenty-eight workstations. This network is supported by dedicated servers and an extensive infrastructure, which runs several custom developed data capture applications.

Our Document Management Center has its own robust servers and network, which is connected to the data entry and agency servers, as well as our secure FTP server. Equipment in this center includes multiple high-speed production scanners, powerful workstations and several comprehensive document management software packages.

Fedcap has successfully performed multiple document imaging projects, both independently and working with industry partners.

Fedcap works with CASO Inc, a major document management company, which provides a wide range of document management services to commercial and government customers nationwide. CASO also hires some of Fedcap’s highly-trained workers for their projects, and has partnered with Click here to learn more about our successful projects.

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