Facilities Management


Fedcap Facilities Management is one of the leading nonprofit custodial and facilities maintenance operations in the country and has delivered quality custodial and facilities maintenance services to federal, state, and commercial customers for over 30 years.

Fedcap provides our customers with a workforce of individuals with barriers through set aside programs including the federal AbilityOne Program, New Jersey ACCSES and New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID).

Fedcap Facilities Management cleans and maintains over 18 million square feet of space including:

  • Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center;
  • Martin Luther King United States Courthouse in Newark, NJ;
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island;
  • Ted Weiss Federal Office Building and African Burial Ground National Monument;
  • Daniel P. Moynihan, United States Federal Court House;
  • Jacob K. Javits Federal Office Building;
  • Long Island Rail Road at Penn Station in New York City;
  • Federal Aviation Administration Tracon Towers on Long Island.

Fedcap provides on-the-job continued supports to our employees with disabilities, including veterans. Our Rehabilitation Services division works closely with Facilities Management to make job counselors and job coaches available to Contract Managers and Supervisors so that any disability-related issues can be handled appropriately and to help those with disabilities to succeed on the job.

Fedcap Facilities Management02Fedcap Facilities Management Offers:

  • Total Facilities management
  • Custodial Services
  • Food Services,
  • Groundskeeping,
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Metal Refinishing,
  • New York State licensed integrated pest management
  • Security Services

Green Cleaning
Fedcap Facilities Management has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability by proactively engaging in sourcing products that are, in accordance to Executive Order 13101, defined as those “that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.”

Fedcap has also committed to using products certified by the nationally recognized, not-for-profit, Green Seal™ environmental organization. Green Seal™ conducts product evaluations that are administered using a life-cycle approach to ensure that all significant environmental impacts of a product are considered, from raw materials extraction, through manufacturing, to use and disposal.

The Fedcap Facilities Management Green Cleaning Program was fully implemented before the 1998 release of President Clinton’s Executive Order 13101, the EPA’s 2005 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, and Governor Pataki’s 2005 New York State Executive Order 134. However, these guidelines are the current basis for the training of all Fedcap Facilities Management employees.